Life Talk – Ending your life


When does life get so bad that you feel the need to take your own life?  That is a question I am asking myself today.

Last week I spoke to a young man in his 30’s, an acquaintance that I bump into regularly in the shop around the corner and a friend of my brother.  He had recently quit his job to enrol on a course at university to train to be an Occupational Therapist.  He hadn’t enjoyed the first few weeks I believe and so had quit the course with little or no idea what he would like to do.

He had phoned me as he wanted some advice about Support Workers and what they do.  I suggested that he meet up with us to have a chat and I could introduce him to one of our workers in particular that I thought would be able to give him some guidance.  He was happy with this and was then going for a coffee with my brother.

Today I have received a call to inform us that over the weekend he has taken his own life.  I feel….I actually don’t really know how I feel.  He was such a nice lad.  Could I have given him more hope?  I don’t know.  What was he going through that was so bad that he couldn’t speak to his family/friends about it?  Why?  Why?  Why?  I am asking myself.

I don’t really know why I am writing this post – other than the fact that over the weekend I had decided to try and re-start this little blog of mine and this was what happened today.  The day I wanted to start writing.

Life can get complicated.  Life can be hard. But what makes someone actually take their life?  I don’t know.  My advice to anyone that is in that dark, dark place……talk to someone, anyone!

Big hugs.



I wasn’t sure whether to publish this post as I wrote it a couple of weeks ago.  We have since found out that it was maybe his medication that was not quite right.  But in memory of Kieran (Aged 36) and a number of other people I have known over the years that have taken their life (all men, I might add) I have decided to publish….


What do you think?