Creswell Crags – Autumnal Walk to soothe the soul

Creswell Crags – Definitely Worth a Visit

Creswell Craggs

View over the lake


There is just something about being outdoors and going for a walk that soothes the soul.  In this age of technology and the ability to live life through the internet – the weekends this year have been all about the outdoors for us.  It definitely helps us get over our stressful week at work!

Yesterday we took a detour on our trip out to Creswell Crags on the recommendation of a lovely gentleman at the counter in the stunning Welbeck Estate Farm Shop.

About Creswell Crags

It is only a one mile walk around the lake, but it is like a nature reserve/historical ice age site, with lots to learn about.  There is a museum, gift shop, lovely treetop cafe and you can even pay a small amount to take a guided tour into the caves to look at some caveman art.  We didn’t do that this time but we will definitely go back to take a look.  We opted this time to take a walk and look at the great scenery, nattering, taking photos and up to our usual antics along the way!

You can check out the Creswell Crags website and see for yourself what this little gem has to offer.

Enjoy your Sunday, whatever you’re up to – and please let us know of any other places nearby that you have visited that are worth us going to.  Or let us know if you have been here before, what you thought.  I don’t always get time to write a blog post about our adventures but you can follow us on Instagram to see where we’ve been!





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